A/Prof Andrew Weickhardt: leading oncologist using cutting edge science and technology.

A patient once said this of Andrew Weickhardt:

I’m sitting on the wings of angels in a never ending circle of bliss and joy. And it’s all due to you and your spicy, clever and frightfully brilliant ways. You’re the man, the dude, the chic researcher and clinician in your crisp grey suit. I love you and what you have done and do. 

Andrew is a leading oncologist and he uses cutting edge science and technology to both save and improve the lives of people with cancer.

He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he is a teacher, a leader in his field and he leads with aplomb, he is a creator of hope and a mender of many. Andrew’s work is inspired by his patients and the tireless team around him.

Andrew’s doing will inspire you.

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