Emma Carney: Multiple Triathlon World Champion & Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

Many of us dreamed of becoming a world champion as a kid. Our guest in this episode made that dream come true!  And that’s because Emma Carney is hard wired: hard wired to win.

Emma takes us through all of the stages that make up her amazing race. 

It’s full of big beautiful dreams, torturous training, drama and politics, gut wrenching loss and blatant unfairness to world domination and athletic performances that may never be repeated. 

Emma is amazing, a brutal competitor who was prepared to suffer more than all of her competitors in order to get the job done. She is authentic, raw and always, always tells it like it is.

She is an inductee of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame (2016), the International Triathlon Union Hall of Fame (2014), and the Triathlon Australia Hall of Fame (2012).

On your marks, get set, go….

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Part A of our interview with Emma Carney

Part B of our interview with Emma Carney

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