Kellie Riordan: Podcast Pioneer.

What do the podcasts Conversations, Ladies We Need To Talk, Judith Lucy Overwhelmed and Dying, CrossBread, Unravel true crime, The Pineapple Project, Short & Curly, and The Eleventh all have in common? 

Kellie Riordan, that’s what. 

Kellie is a pioneer of the podcast industry. In fact Kellie has been extracting the best out of cohorts of creatives since MP3 players and iRivers were a thing. She knows all there is to know about how to make a story fascinating, captivating, alluring and appealing using the power of the human voice.

In this episode you will meet a person who has an amazing capacity to make things happen, from an emergency helicopter flight, to the creation of an audio medium to the birth of her new adventure in Deadset Studios.

Put those earphones in and take a listen to Kellie’s story. Enjoy!

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