Ricky Johnstone: Executive Director Cancer Research at Peter Mac.

In this episode we talk to Professor Ricky Johnstone, the Executive Director Cancer Research at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. 

Ricky grew up in the blue collar suburb of Preston, Melbourne. He lost his father at 10 years of age and his school was labelled “the school of despair”.

But Ricky’s story is not made up of it’s not fair and woe is me. He has a mother that led by example and instilled work ethic and care, was surrounded by a community that had his back and found mates that propelled him forward and lifted him up. 

Ricky is an optimistic, smart, real and humble. He inspires those around him and has had an incredible impact through his work at Peter Mac.

Have a listen to Ricky, he will inspire you.

Listen now to our two-part interview with Ricky Johnstone.

Part A

Part B

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