Henry Gold: founded adventure company TDA Global Cycling at age 50.

In this episode we had the joy of talking to Henry Gold,  the Founder and Director of TDA Global Cycling.

Some years ago Henry Gold had a crazy vision to create Tour d Áfrique. A cycling race across Africa, north to south, from the pyramids of Giza to Cape Town. That crazy idea became a reality in 2003, and that reality was a true test of bike, body and the stuff between the ears. And from that 4 month test of spirit, belief and once in a lifetime experience, TDA was born.

Get on your bike and have a listen to Henry’s story of invention, adventure and inspiration. You will love the ride.

Oh and he once had an elephant stand on his head. Ouch.

Here’s our two part interview with Henry Gold from TDA Global Cycling.

Part A

Part B

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