Rob Gell, AM: Former television weather presenter, Environmental Geomorphologist​ and sustainability strategist.

In this episode we talk to environmental geomorphologist, educator, communicator, innovator and entrepreneur Rob Gell. Oh and in a previous life Rob presented weather information for thirty-one years on commercial television. 

The forecast for episode 45 is there is a chance of some early humour, followed by some insight into the environment around us and the world of TV. There will be some light levels of enthusiastic banter becoming stronger to form thought provoking and passionate conversation. There is a very high chance that Rob will leave you feeling warm and sunny for the remainder of the day. 

Look this one up on your synoptic chart…it will brighten your day!

Here’s our two part interview with Rob Gell.

Part A
Part B

More about Rob Gell

From 2021, Gell commenced his term as President of the Royal Society of Victoria.

Check out Rob leading the STEM and Society online series

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Rob’s list of compulsory reading

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