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About the show

What is The Do Landers about?

[ doo-er ]
a person characterized by action, as distinguished from one given to contemplation.

What is it that drives a seemingly regular person to make a change with their life? Sometimes all it takes is a small change to have a big impact.

With so many people out there feeling stuck where they are, The Do Landers podcast seeks to uncover inspiring stories of ordinary folk making a change and DOING when others don’t. These stories will inspire you to do something today that will better your tomorrow.

Humans don’t live forever so we’ve only got this one shot at life. It might be time to do something about it.

This is The Do Landers.

Meet your hosts

Blake Collins

Blake has crammed a lot into his life thus far and lives by the philosophy that he has more life left in front of him than he’s already lived.

He dropped out of school to pursue a career in acting & theatre (he was even on Neighbours) and now finds himself as an Executive at the Software juggernaut that is MYOB. His story in between school and his current position is one of overcoming adversity, generosity and growth (wait for the B-Side releases of The Do Landers).

He’s hugely passionate about healthy living, mindfulness, bey blades and making Nik go for incredibly long runs through the forest. A father of four and husband who doesn’t like to waste any waking moment standing still!

Nik Devidas

Nik uses other people’s stories of action (and sometimes inaction) to inspire him in his own life.

After starting his first business when he was 21, he’s still operating his second business which he started when we was 23: globally ranked IT & Cybersecurity Company, Rock IT. At 33 he was recognised as a top technology executive globally and his businesses have been honoured in the BRW and CRN publications.

More than anything he loves connecting people and getting involved in the community around him. He’s the President of two local sporting clubs and runs two community groups aimed at building better connections between community members.

He’s a father of three, Saturday cyclist, Sunday cricketer, loves the mighty Hawks and trains the house down at his wife’s business: Hustle & Thrive.

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