Jordaine Chattaway: Sharing her battle with mental health whilst building a celebrated life.

Doing life can be challenging at times for all of us.

The pressures of school and Uni, getting our heads around teenagering. What am I going to do with my life? Bringing our best to relationships be it a daughter, son, sister, wife, husband, friend or parent. And then there is the juggle….kids, partner, parents, friends, career, everybody else and then you.

Well imagine doing all of that with a monster strapped to your back. And that monster’s name is OCD.

In this episode Jordaine Chattaway shares with us what it’s like when you carry that monster with you through life.

You will hear how she looked the OCD monster directly in the eyes and said “this is bigger than you” and continued on her way to creating an amazing career, a beautiful family and a life worth celebrating.

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