Dan Ziffer: the journalist who ‘fell up’ the corporate ladder.

In his words, he’s the ultimate “fake it until you make it” success story. Dan Ziffer is a renowned journalist having worked across multiple formats since the late 90’s.

He’s interviewed A-list celebrities, shaken hands with world leaders and was a long time producer of the Melbourne talk-back radio institution that was John Faine on 774.

From humble beginnings in regional Victoria, you’ll hear the story of a man who used wit, charm and a booming radio voice to climb the journalists corporate ladder. He also explains how he came to write his first book ‘Wunch of Bankers’, with behind the scenes details on the Hayne Royal Commission – ( The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry).

There’s plenty of inspiration in Dan’s story to get you to have a go – even if you think you’re not qualified – and make something happen.

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